Sex Spells

Sex spells have been used for centuries to keep lovers faithful or awaken desire. This kind of spells goes in conjunction with glamour magic, also known as beauty magic, meant to increase one’s own appeal and attract others physically and/or sexually. Sex spells do often contain fluids, which makes them particularly strong for personal fluids such as saliva, blood or sexual fluids are extremely powerful personal links and create a huge attachment.

Sexual attraction and arousal can be very powerful feelings, and it is for this reason that sex spells shouldn’t be cast without thorough previous thought! Continue reading this article to learn more about sex spells casting online, what they are, how do they work and what kind of spells to attract someone sexually exist.

What are sex spells?

Sex spells or sex magic, that is also known as red magic, is a type of magic that is meant to attract another person sexually, keep a lover loyal, regain someone’s lost interest, break up a couple, cause impotence or generate desire. This incredibly powerful magic can be an ally in moments of low-libido or when you are seeking a sexual partner.

These spells can help you connect sexually with the person that you desire, and open up the sexual energetic channels between you and your partner so that you can connect on that level. An experienced spell caster will use a sex spell that works to make you irresistible to your desired target.

Types of sex spells which you can get

You can get many types of different sex spells depending on your situation and the result that you are seeking. There are really powerful sex spells without ingredients! Sex and arousal generate an immense amount of energy, and sometimes, no ingredients are required to create a strong sex spell.

You can have a sex spell, like love spell casting as well, that works fast without having to go really far! This section intends to let you know more about the different types of sex spells that you can find to help you get the spell that is more suitable for your situation.

Sex Spells in a Full Moon

The Moon is an incredibly important element in magic and witchcraft. It’s literally responsible for the movement of the maritime tides, and for this is it is believed to be a “pulling” agent that holds great power in spells related to love, romance, beauty, and sexuality.

As well, the Full Moon holds a very important symbolism of completion and plenitude, so it works really well for spells that are aimed at creating a more fulfilling and satisfactory sex life.

Moon-bathing can be a really empowering experience as well as it can make you feel really sexy and desirable. You can do this by exposing yourself, preferably naked, to the moonlight on a Full Moon night. (You can do this through your window, no need to run naked in the woods!)

Having sex or even masturbating while intentionally gathering that sexual energy on your root chakra and then releasing it towards your desired intention can be a very simple and powerful form of sexual magic that anyone can do.

Voodoo sex spells

Voodoo is very often misunderstood for a magical practice when it is in fact a religion. However, voodoo priests and priestesses are very often magical practitioners who hold great power. In Hoodoo, the magical practice that is most often associated with Voodoo, there is a strong tradition of using magic for sexual purposes.

There’s the misconception that Hoodoo magic doesn’t really care about the morality of the spells that are cast, but that doesn’t work exactly that way. While in Hoodoo there’s not a law against dominating another or bending them your will, Hoodoo practitioners believe that the magic needs to be justified in order to not backlash.

When it comes to Hoodoo, it is advisable to always go to a professional practitioner. Some of these spells are usually considered black magic sex spells because they do not take the target’s will into account.

There are very easy sex spells rooted in Folk Magic traditions that you can perform at home. For instance, it is said that sewing one of your pubic hairs into your partner’s underwear (You can pass it with the help of a needle through the part where it adjusts to the body) will keep them aroused and thinking of you.

Wiccan sex spells

Wicca is a religion with its own set of principles, the main of which is “harm none, do what you will” which prohibits against using any form of magic to affect someone else’s will or inflict danger. For this reason, it can be complicated to use magic based on the Wiccan tradition to cast a sex spell that has an influence on someone else.

Wiccan sex spells are usually oriented towards the self, maybe enchanting yourself to appear more attractive to the eyes of others without actually targeting a particular person or by increasing your sexual magnetism as well as increasing or decreasing your sexual desire.

Pros and Cons of Sex Spells

Sex spells are really, really tricky on a moral level and there are certain things that you need to consider before casting a sex spell. When you are casting a sex spell with a target in mind, you are forcing someone to have sex with you by inflicting artificial desire on them without their consent. The implications of this can be huge and there are even magical practitioners in the community that equate it to psychic rape.

Pros of Sex Spells

  • They can help you improve your sex-life if cast upon you.
  • They can better your sex life when casting with your partner’s consent.
  • They can make you feel more sexy and confident.

Cons of Sex Spells

  • They can backlash in very ugly ways, for instance creating a sexual obsession with someone else that they have to satisfy regardless of what you think.
  • You are making sexual advances on another person without their consent.
  • They are no substitutes for genuine love.

Do sex spells really work?

Sex spells are incredibly powerful and they do definitely work intensely. The positive part of sexual magic is that sex spells for beginners are not a problem for everyone who possesses sexual energy that they can work with.

Sex spells that work are a reality, and usually, sex spells work really fast. The problem with this is that you are at risk of generating an urge on another person that you may not be able to control later on and can easily get off your hands as well as the moral implications of casting a sexual spell on a person who wouldn’t otherwise have a sexual encounter with you.

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What can you expect after having sex spell casting?

It can widely depend on the spell. A very easy and tangible form of sex spell casting is through orgasms. Orgasms are an accumulation of energy on a spiritual level and that energy can be released for a purpose if you are capable of sending it intentionally to a determined goal. This is the sort of sexual magic which effects you can feel in your own body.

Once that you have cast a sex spell or someone has done it for you, you can expect pretty fast results for this is an energy that moves really quickly. If your spell succeeded, you will know in a matter of days or weeks tops.

FAQ Section

Can I get a sex spell by phone or email?

You can get a sex spell online, meaning that you can hire a professional spell caster that specializes in sex spells to cast it for you at a distance that you find on the internet. However, there are no such things a spells cast online or by phone!

What you can do by phone or email is contacting a sex spell caster, who may even give you some tips on free sex spells that you can do yourself, or give you the opportunity of speaking for a few minutes for free. If you need pieces of advice about living with your partner, consider free psychic love reading online and get some working tips which can make your relationships better.

How will I know if the spell really worked out?

Speaking of sex, and similarly to The Big O, when a sex spell works out, you just know it worked! Sexual magic works incredibly fast and the results are really, really intense. If nothing has happened, you will know that the spell has failed, because when it succeeds there’s no room for questions!

Can I get sex spells casting online?

You can meet sex spell casters online, on websites such as, or PsychicSource and as well some other independent casters that specialize in matters of the heart and of a sexual nature.

You can get as well plenty of resources as to how to cast a sex spell online or even some sex spell chants that can help you become more attractive. Please, do never chant an incantation in a language that you don’t understand, for you won’t know what you’re calling upon you! If you want to say an incantation, research before you do anything.

Is it possible to break a sex spell?

Sex spells create an incredibly powerful bond between people for they use very personal energies as well as really strong links such as fluids, nails, hairs and other bodily parts that make them extra-potent.

Sex spells can be broken, but it’s not an easy business and it always entails risks. You really need to consider if you really want to sleep with someone who doesn’t want to sleep with you and if you are willing to take the risk of creating such an obsession on someone that they would be willing to take it to its last consequences before you do cast a sexual spell.

Sex spells are almost always considered a form of black magic - unless they are cast with full consent of all parts involved or only have an effect upon you - so you need to be prepared for them to backlash and willing to pay the proverbial price that they could take. It is definitely very potent and powerful magic that does work well and that works fast, but it’s difficult to reverse and has a great involvement of all parties.

How to prepare yourself for sex spell casting?

First of all, give a thorough thought to the idea of casting a sex spell and its implications, making sure that you understand what you are doing fully and that you are sure of wanting it. Avoid acting on extreme moods, in despair, rage, arousal and the like. Be as calm as neutral as possible, a cool state of mind is key for the magic to work in most cases, so make a priority to feel as good as possible!

As well, it is important that you are energetically and physically ready. Having eaten healthy food and being hydrated are great ways to start any form of spell casting.

For how long does a sex spell work?

It really depends on the nature of the spell. Sexual magic is potent and fast, but the results can dissipate once that the encounter has culminated unless specified in the nature of the spell or if it is a spell to bend a partner your will. As it happens with love spells, you will have to keep feeding the magic if you want a connection that wouldn’t be there organically to be maintained in time.

As well, the more magic you do, the more frequently you will have to re-do it, so when it comes to sexual magic, this can become really inconvenient because of the frequency that it may require to maintain the same effects.

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