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Healing magic has been around for a really long time and it can be a powerful aid in your healing process. Before we get any further with this explanation, it’s worth saying that you need to be very cautious when using this kind of magic for it can never substitute appropriate medical treatment, only act as support. Your health should always be left in the capable hands of trained professionals in the matter! Said that, let’s continue speaking about a health spell and their benefits.

Almost every country around the world has some sort of tradition surrounding healing spell casting or healing magic and mystic healers such as shamans and other figures took a very relevant role within their community that in certain cultures such as the Native American, still lives up to this day.

The role of the healer has survived well into our days, and everyone has heard about someone who has a healing touch or some sort of special ability or knows someone who is particularly good at herbal medicine.

What are healing spells?

The lines of medicine and magic were blurred in ancient times, certain herbs that contain actual physical healing properties were mixed with energetic or spiritual elements aiding the healing of the person that was feeling under the weather. Herbalism, folk remedies and other traditional medicinal customs that are passed generationally are still widely used today in certain cultures.

Healing spells are very often supported by herbs and the assistance of some sort of divine force such as a God or Goddess of health and healing (thinking, for instance, Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine or his consort Hygeia, embodying health) or some other sort of healing spirit, prayer or ritual.

How healing spell casting can help me?

Health spells can help you by supporting your physical healing in a spiritual way. While your physical body needs to be treated by a trained professional, your spiritual body can be aided through magical practices or rituals with the purpose of confronting your illness with lifted spirits and a reinvigorated spiritual or energetic body.

Casting spells to heal someone requires a great deal of focus and consistency, but the good news is that you can support someone’s healing with white light without a great deal of training.

Sending white light is actually very easy and in the hands of every person, regardless of their magical preparation. White light is a strong free healing spells that can aid your loved ones in moments of distress and it’s a Wiccan healing spell!

In order to send white light, all that you need to do is close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and visualize the person that needs healing surrounded by the brightest white light that you can conceive in your mind. Its energy feels so incredibly safe and comforting! Maintain the visualization for a few minutes and then visualize how they absorb the energy that will aid in the healing process of their bodies! It’s such a magical experience!

Health spells are frequently considered white magic spells, they are widely accepted by Wiccans as long as they have the consent of the person that is sick or requires their assistance. Wiccan healing spells are frequently used for practitioners that are not Wiccan themselves due to their effectiveness!

Voodoo priests and priestesses usually perform really powerful hoodoo healing spells, love spells as well as chant potent incantations for healing. If you are going to use this kind of magic, please, do contact a professional.

There are certain magical spells for healing sickness that can be considered a form of black healing magic, those that are oriented towards avoiding the unavoidable and trying to prolong life beyond its natural span by using dark spirits. These are very real healing spells, but they do usually come with a very high price and not an amazing quality of life, reasons why they are discouraged.

Rituals and Tools for Casting a Healing Spell

A healing spell Wicca or ritual can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it! There are some practitioners that use a lot of tools while others work in the astral plane with nothing but their intention. Regardless of your choice, there are some tools that can make your practice easier if you are the sort of person that benefits from having a tangible experience.


Crystals are frequently used in healing rituals or spells for healing as well as in self-healing spells. The usage of crystals in magical health spells is based on the fact that everything emits vibrations and crystals are thought to have a vibration that matches that of the energetic points of the ethereal body, restoring it to its original frequency so that it can function better.

Clear quartz is frequently used to help clear disease while other crystals such as rose quartz help the sick person lift their spirit and be surrounded by an energy of love and nourishment.


The use of herbs should never be without proper training if you are going to ingest them. Do contact an herbologist if you are going to intake a herbal remedy. Many plants can be toxic or poisonous or interfere with your medication. If you are taking medicine, please do inform your doctor so that you can make sure that the herbs that you intend to take are not going to have an interference with your medicines!

Herbs can be used to treat a number of illnesses, but there’s not necessarily magic in there! Lavender can be effectively used for sore throats and ginger root helps cure colds. However, there are other uses of herbs, such as in sachets or incenses that can be used with a magical healing intention in order to support the recovery of an ill person.


Invocation is a form of magic that calls out to spirits, Gods, Goddesses, elemental beings or any other sort of divine or supernatural form of intervention that you believe in. There are lots of healing invocations and incantations that you can find around yourself, even in the Bible itself!

Mantras are another way to use healing magic. You can find plenty of mantras to support your recovery journey on YouTube or even Spotify. I strongly recommend the mantra Ra-Ma-Da-Sa for universal healing of the self and others.

Types of diseases healing spells can treat

Healing spells don’t treat health conditions per se but support and promote healing. Wiccan healing spells is never a substitute for medical attention!

The type of diseases that are better supported by spells for healing are those of an emotional or psychological nature. Healing spells can work really well for people with depression or anxiety and they can also help people deal with ailments of a psychosomatic nature. Instead, in time of a deep depression, you may suggest having a chat online with a psychic and telling about all of your dark thoughts.

Advantages of a real healing spell

  • Real healing spells make the sick person feel energized and overall improves their feelings of well being.
  • They can help reduce the pain.
  • Miracles do happen, and more when they are called upon.

Disadvantages of health spells

  • When used improperly, they can be a hazard for a sick person.
  • Many people are scammed by practitioners who claim the ability to cure serious diseases.

How to find a real healing spell caster?

The most magical thing of healing is that it can be done remotely, is to say, healing at a distance or a long-distance spells for healing sickness. You can find a real healing spell caster in certain online sites, such as Kasamba.com, but also you can find prepared practitioners on Etsy.com operating on a more individual level.

You can also find a Reiki master, either online or offline to help you with your healing process. Reiki is a powerful way of energetic healing widely practiced all over the world!

FAQ Section

Where to find healing spell caster online?

You can find a spell caster online in several different places, though I do recommend extreme caution when selecting a spell caster in general and for healing matters in particular. Make sure that they do have a code of ethics in place and that they are not making over the top claims.

You can try to go through different sites to find a healing spell caster or get a reading on your healing situation. However, there are many places that have policies in place against health readings and health-related services, which can make a bit difficult for you to find a free healing spells online. In this case, better than trying sites such as Kasamba.com, you may find it easier to run a Facebook search for healing support groups or run a more independent search, on Etsy, Google or even Instagram.

Can I get the casting for free?

That pretty much depends on the practitioner. If there is one kind of magic that you are more likely to be able to get for free, it is healing magic. A health spell casting free is a possibility, but you need to know where to ask and in this case, it is probably in your best interest to stay away from big online companies that have policies against free services as well as health-related services.

With this were are not saying that one shouldn’t charge you for a physical healing spell, after all, everyone deserves to get paid for their job! For those who are interested in free sessions. there is a possibility to get free psychic love reading as well. However, if in a dire situation, you are more likely to be able to obtain this for free than anything else.

Does healing spell casting really work?

Healing spell casting does really work to support a sick person through their illness. There are no guarantees when it comes to healing spells and you should run away from crazy claims and guarantees of recovery!

Spells for health can definitely improve your chances of recovery and be an ally during your journey, but they need to be always accompanied by proper treatment by a medical professional.

What can I do if it didn’t work out?

No spell is ever guaranteed to work out, and for this reason, it is important to keep up with the most recently available medical treatment. There are though things that you can do to continue supporting your healing or your well being with magical practices, for instance, carrying crystals with you or an amulet, better if charged in any place of power.

I have personally found traveling to places of power very reinvigorating. For instance, when you travel to a location such as the Monastery of Lourdes in France, it’s not only about the healing properties attributed to the place or its water, it’s also about the peak of joint faith and energy that makes the place especially powerful for incantations/invocations as well as spell casting.

Is it possible to treat chronic diseases by healing spells?

It is possible to support a chronically ill person through healing spells and help them cope in a more positive way with their situation and their ailment. People who suffer from chronic pain tend to feel better while wearing crystals that help their joints feel more on point, such as Malachite. People with chronic fatigue usually benefit from crystals that give them a boost of stamina, such as red jasper or garnet and those who are suffering from depression find it easier to cope when wearing a crystal such as clear quartz or tiger’s eye!

Reiki has as well proven to be quite effective for people who are suffering from a long term or chronic disease by reducing their pain and making them feel calmer and more aligned with themselves. It can definitely be a wonderful option for those who are in need of something besides their regular treatment to help them get through the day and improve their symptoms!

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