Palm Reading

Palm reading is one of the most antique methods of divination used today. Originated in the Middle East, it has been practiced for millennia and its ancient knowledge has survived up until our days, being one of the most commonly known methods of divination.

Hand reading online is based on the idea that you can get an idea of the person’s past and future by looking at the shape and size of their hands, palms, and fingers as well as the lines that cross their palms. There’s a lot to be studied when it comes to palm reading, also known as chiromancy, for it is an ancient and complex technique!

What is palm reading?

Palm reading consists of interpreting the lines in your hands and extract predictions about the future as well as traits about your character. Usually, palm reading is a form of divination that focuses on major life events. It is not the sort of divination that you use to know if you are going to get back together with your ex or if you are going to get that job that you so eagerly applied to! Palm reading is used to learn about your marriages, your children, whether or not you will reach fame or wealth and other major issues in your life that are strongly marked and so to speak predetermined.

Your Destiny and Hand Lines

Everything is constantly evolving, and theory says that your palms and their lines change every seven years. Even though palmistry reading or chiromancy deals with major events, it doesn’t mean that it is set in stone and you can do nothing to change it! There are many things that you can do to affect your destiny, and very little is meant to happen regardless of what you do, only major things that are extremely necessary for your growth as an individual or your soul learning, the rest, is up to you, your actions and your decisions in life.

In spite of this, palm reading and your hand lines have a lot to say about your future and about your traits, as well as about your skills or whether or not you have been specially gifted with some sort of ability, such as intuition, psychic abilities or magical abilities.

This powerful psychic reading is a good way to learn more about your destiny and offers really strong indications as to where are you heading in life, but most things are under your control and you can still affect them for better or for worse.

Explanation of Main Hand Lines

There’s way more to chiromancy that the hand lines, but it is a good way to get started and you can even impress your friends a bit with your knowledge of the matter! There are three main lines in your hands, and this is what they mean!

Life Line

The lifeline starts from the left edge of your palm to the base of the thumb. This line has traditionally been used to predict the length of one’s life, but that is only a part of it. This line can predict your vitality and levels of energy and stamina throughout your life, as well as the dangers that you might face. This line speaks about your likeliness to get sick or to have accidents or injuries during your life and it can also predict whether or not you will be accompanied during your old age.

Head Line

The Head Line, also known as The Line of Wisdom, begins slightly above the life line and crosses the palm horizontally to the other edge. It speaks about the intellectual traits of an individual. A long line speaks of a highly intelligent individual, while a short one speaks about an individual who is simpler, not necessarily less intelligent, but a person who will not complicate their life without a reason. A faint line may be a sign of a daydreamer or a person who doesn’t have the ability to concentrate, while a broken line suggest that the individual is not able to stick to a way of thinking or who is often mentally exhausted or even prone to sleep deprivation or insomnia.

Heart Line

The Heart Line starts under the index finger or under the middle finger and goes all the way to the pinky. This line gives away certain characteristics of an individual. When the line starts under the index, it means that you are satisfied with your love life, while a middle finger placement may be a sign that you put yourself first in relationships. If you want to get more answers on your personal life, consider checking love psychic online services. The length of the line can indicate if you are open to relationships or if you believe in soulmates, or whether you have a tendency to be co-dependent or have a more free-spirited approach to love!

How Palm Reader Can Help me?

A palm reader can help you get to know yourself better as well as discover some events in your life that are to come. This is a useful kind of reading to get when you are looking for a general prediction of the next few years. This reading is great when you want to learn more about where your potential lays and how to make the most of what life has given to you! If you are looking for a reading that inspires you and that makes clear for you what your strong suits are, palmistry is definitely for you!

Signs of a good palm reader

A good palm reader who knows their craft will not try to scare you or tell you definite things. The mark of a good reader, regardless of the specialty, is that they are able to make you feel empowered and in control of the situation at all times. The best palm reader will help you learn more about yourself and the circumstances of your life and will offer you precise and abundant information on life events and characteristics that you can later use to your advantage in different situations.

Can I get free instant palm reading online?

There are some apps that allow you to get a palm reading almost instantly and for free or at a very affordable cost. offers you three minutes to chat with a palm reader for free, while other apps like Scan Your Future, Fortunica or Palm HD allow you to upload a picture of your hands and palms in real-time to be interpreted by one of their curated selection of palm readers.

Advantages of Palmistry Reading

Palm reading is a very interesting type of reading that has multiple benefits, such as:

  • Gaining knowledge about yourself.
  • Gaining awareness about your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Making yourself aware of potential challenges to come.
  • Highlighting key moments in your life

Disadvantages of hand fortune telling

Hand fortune telling, chiromancy or palm reading also has some not so great points, such as:

  • It is a non-specific form of divination, meaning you cannot ask questions or get answers for particular situations.
  • If performed by a poorly trained reader, you can get scared by someone who doesn’t have the right knowledge or skill. Remember, a good palm reader will never scare you!

FAQ Section

Is Palm Reading a Scam?

Palm reading is not a scam on itself, however, in this day and age, many people tend to overestimate their skills or market themselves as something they are not and there are certain individuals who see palm reading as a simple job and believe that they can get away with telling whatever first crosses their minds to an unsuspecting individual. Fortunately, there are many great palm readers out there, and many sites, apps, and forums that allow you to choose among a great base of reviewed palm readers that will make your experience very satisfactory.

Can I get Palm Reading by Phone or Email?

Getting a palm reading by phone is going to be really difficult if not impossible, but it is totally possible to get an online palm reading through e-mail or chat if you send a scan or picture of your hand to your reader! There are plenty of apps that offer this service at very competitive prices so that you can try it out and find the palm reader online that is right for you.

Is there Anything Dangerous about Palm Reading?

There is not absolutely any danger in getting your palms read! If you are thinking that you want an instant palm reading online, you want to get a reading of someone else’s future from hand lines or you are a beginner palm reader, you are covered! You cannot bring any doom and gloom into your life whatsoever by reading palms or getting your palms read.

The only peril that you’re risking if you get your palms poorly read by an unprofessional palm reader is that you may get scared, for there are people who love to tell others that there are darkness and disgrace in their futures and are not aware of the damage that they may cause.

In most cases, palm reading is real and accurate and a valid form of divination that can result in a satisfactory, enriching and insightful experience if performed by the right individual

How Accurate is Palm Reading?

Palm reading is very accurate when performed by the right person. You can get many benefits from palm reading, as well as very accurate predictions and descriptions. In fact, it can be a very bonding experience to go get your palms read with a friend or partner. You will learn a lot about the other person by listening to what a trained palm reader has to say about their traits and it can be very useful to get to know them better and to learn more about what they desire in life, what they think and how they conduct themselves in life.

This can be very useful if you have a person of interest that doesn’t seem very receptive or you are trying to gain someone else’s heart! You will, thanks to palm reading, get to know how their heart and mind operates so that you can access this information more easily and use it to your advantage, thus making it easier for you to deepen your relationship and your connection with said individual.

How Much does Palm Reading Cost?

Palm reading isn’t usually very expensive, though it all depends on the practitioner. Some sites for palm reading for beginners offer free online palm readings or readings at a very low cost, so it can be feasible to get your palms read for around $10 dollars. A more experienced practitioner can charge up to $75 to $100 depending on their skill, expertise and waiting list. Regardless of how well known a practitioner is, palm reading is one of the most limited methods of divination, meaning that there’s only so much that you can get out of a palmistry reading and reading will never go over one hour of duration, so paying more than 100 dollars for reading is unreasonable and very often unjustified, unless the reader is operating in their own store in which case the cost of staying in business can increase the fee.

When looking for palm readers or other professionals of divination, keep in mind not just the time that they have dedicated to you, but also the time and energy that they have invested in their craft, the hours of expertise behind it and the business expenses that are associated with it! This way, you will get a more realistic estimate of what you can expect to spend with your professional of divination!

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