Past Life Reading

Past life readings are usually very deep experiences that bring change and progress into your current life. A past life reading goes beyond telling you that you were a Victorian lady locked in the attic. It is about learning about your past life lessons and pains, the experiences that made you progress and the ones that you are to go over again because you haven’t extracted the most out of them yet. They can reveal soul connections, show the root cause of inexplicable fears and catapult your spiritual growth.

What is Past Life Reading?

Past life reading can be done in a number of ways. The most intense sort of past life reading is the one that you experience during a regression, which is a sort of “trip” to your past life through a special kind of meditation/hypnosis. There are other ways to get past life psychic readings online for free, for instance, using tarot, although in this case, it is more recommendable that you have a specific question in mind.

A past life reading will help you learn more about your journey as a soul and will help you see the bigger picture. It will reveal facts about the experiences that you have had in past lives and shed some light on why you’re having the experiences that you are having now. It can help you discover karmic relationships and debts and speed-up those processes so that you extract the lessons and move on to the next chapter of your life.

This kind of exploration can help you know more about who you are, why you are how you are and what is your purpose.

What to Expect from Your Past Life Reading?

Having a past life reading can be an awkward experience, to say the least! Even though your soul is the same in every life, you are an entirely different person. This can be a bit of a complicated concept to grasp and you can find a lot of very useful information about how it works on the internet. The point here is, you may not relate to that person at all, you may not feel any sympathy for them, you may not relate to them at all and that is perfectly okay and natural.

Do not expect to feel an immediate connection with the events and energies that are brought up during a past life reading. The fact that it doesn’t resonate with you doesn’t mean that it is not accurate! You need to bring a very open mind to a past life reading and be ready to not judge the information that you receive.

Another possible case scenario is that you immediately connect and relate to the information given to you and that you quickly begin connecting the dots and making sense of several different situations in your life. It can help you like psychic reading career. This is less common, but it can be a really emotional time and it can feel a bit like a proverbial slap in the face, so be ready to be kind with yourself and take it easy should it happen.

What is a Regression Session and How Does it Work?

A regression session is a technique that uses hypnosis or deep meditation in order to help a person access memories from a past life - also known as Akashic Archives.

The person in charge of the session will induce a hypnotic or deeply meditative state to the one who is having the regression done. This is conducted by reassuring the person that they are in a safe space and that they are not in any sort of danger so they become ready to embrace the experience, and then slowly introducing them into their past life memories, usually through a series of questions that allow the person to explore their past situation. While the subject is in trance, the hypnotist will record the session either with a recorder or by taking notes.

A regression session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to hours, but the subject is never “trapped” in the trance and they can get out if the regression is more than they can handle. It is completely safe and the subject is never in any sort of danger.

The main difference between a past life tarot reading and a past life regression is that the first one will be like listening to an audio-book and the second one will be more like acting in a movie. This is hearing the experience from a third party versus experiencing it by yourself.

Advantages of Past Life Reading

When you get a past life reading you gain great understanding about yourself and the experiences that you are having in your current lifetime and this can bring several advantages, such as:

  • Heightened empathy: When you get in touch with who you were in a past life, you develop the skill of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes easier than you did before. It becomes easier for you to understand other people’s situations, thoughts, and motives.
  • Knowing thyself: Your awareness about your train of thought, your actions and your reactions increases, allowing you to have greater control over them than you did before.
  • Speeding up karmic cycles: Knowing the lessons that you’re carrying from your past life and the ones that you’re going through now gives you a very valuable hint to make tangible progress in your life, break patterns and solve situations that you’re carrying from the past.

Connection of the past with your present life

The whole idea behind past life readings is helping you in your current lifetime. The information gained during a past life reading is aimed at connecting your past life with your present life, helping you gain knowledge about your own behavior. For instance, if you died an untimely death in your past life, it is possible that this is manifesting in your current life by being extra cautious about things you wouldn’t otherwise give much thought to, or if you are inexplicably afraid of bodies of water, it may be due to a past life in which you drowned.

The same applies to relationships that are meaningful yet complicated, with people that we carry from our past life. A past life tarot reading or a past life regression can help you identify the source of your troubles with certain people so that you have the chance to learn your lessons and continue to the next stage of your relationships or move on.

Past life readings are not meant for you to feel bad about what you did or didn’t do while being someone else, but to expand your consciousness in this life and speed up the evolution of your soul!

Questions to ask in a Past Life Reading

Depending on the reasons behind getting a past life reader, some questions might work better than others. It is recommendable to be clear about what do you want to get out of your past life reading in order to ask the best past life reading questions to help you extract the most out of the information that you receive.

If you are getting a past life tarot reading purely out of curiosity, you may start with some questions along the lines of:

  • “What was I like?”
  • “What was my childhood like?”
  • “Did I experience some significant trauma growing up?”
  • “What were my skills in a past life?”
  • “What was my financial situation?”
  • “What was my love-life like?”

If there is a particular subject in your mind, such as a relationship that you suspect comes from the past life, you can try out these questions:

  • “Did I have a relationship with so and so in a past life?”
  • “What kind of relationship did we have?”
  • “What was the power dynamics in our relationship like?”
  • “How did this relationship impact my past life?”

FAQ Section

How to get an Accurate Past Life Reading for Free?

You can get a past life reading online in many sites, although finding a free past life reading that is detailed and accurate might be a bit trickier. Some websites, such as or have a wide selection of psychics that can offer you past life reading, past life tarot reading and past life interpretation while letting you have the first minutes for free. You can’t squeeze a free past life tarot reading in a few minutes, but you will have enough time to try out and make sure that your connection with your chosen psychic is good and solid.

What are signs of a real reading about past life?

It is easier to feel that a past life regression is a real deal than to have the same conviction about a past life reading. The reason is that while the first one is an experience that you go through yourself, the second one is a story told by someone else that cannot be immediately contrasted. For this reason, it is always important to have an open mind when getting past life readings and not try to be overly focused on an answer that you want to hear. However, these are some indicators that will tell you that you’re having an accurate past life reading online.

  • You were a John or Jane Doe: If your psychic starts telling you that you were Marie Antoinette, it is a huge red flag. It is extremely rare to identify a past life in which you have been a notorious figure, let alone someone extremely famous!
  • You are able to identify patterns that sound familiar: Even though you were a different person, your soul, the core of your being, was still the same and it is usual that you carry similar behaviors from time to time. If you’re able to identify patterns - for better or worse! - you’re probably having an accurate past life reading.
  • The reading triggers intense, visceral reactions: Having a strong reaction of disgust and denial is about as powerful as feeling an immediate connection when it comes to past life readings, depending on what the past life in question meant for your spiritual development. An accurate past life reading will not leave you indifferent!

Does past life reading affect my spiritual life?

Past life readings are based on the theory of reincarnation. If your beliefs or your personal faith are not compatible with reincarnation, you might find the idea of a past life reading quite challenging.

Many Christians and Catholics are concerned about getting a past life reading because they feel that if they feel it is accurate, it would compromise their whole faith. However, you must bear in mind that Christian doctrine has changed over the centuries, sometimes to serve higher interests, and many early Christians did actually believe in reincarnation! While the concept of reincarnation may clash with the Bible as we know it today, it doesn’t mean that it clashes with the concept of God or Jesus.

Can two people get a past life reading together?

You can definitely get a past life reading together, although it is not very recommendable for a first experience since you might feel that you have been validating each other’s reading instead of focusing on how true it rings to you in particular. Like love reading, getting a past life reading together can be particularly helpful for a karmic relationship in which you have some karma to clear before the relationship can progress in a healthy way, so if you get the chance and the other person is open, by all means, take the opportunity!

Is it possible to do a past life rune reading?

Yes, you can get a past life rune reading, a past life tarot reading and past life readings done with a variety of systems in general. A rune reading will focus more on the big events and what they meant to you than it will on details. A past life tarot reading will on the other hand focus a lot on the development that you went through and a psychic reading might be more colorful and detailed.

Is it safe to get a past life reading?

It is absolutely safe to get a past life reading or a past life regression and you will not be in any sort of danger at any time.

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