Love Spells

Love Spells are probably the most used spells in the world. They can help you find a suitable partner, contribute to fixing a damaged relationship, help you forget an ex and even bring your lover back - even if it’s not always the best idea!

There are very real love spells and love spell casters online out there that can help you resolve matters of the heart. While some free love spells that work can help you be more attractive to the eyes of others or act as a sort of “lighthouse” to attract a suitable partner, there are other spells that can dominate a lover or make someone desperately want to be with you. The morality of that is up to the person, but there are some real dangers to it that we will explore in this article.

What are love spells for?

Love spells are for many different purposes, from increasing your magnetism to sweetening up a relationship that is going sour to bring back a lover that has left you. They can also be used to separate couples, heal from past relationships, help you get over an ex and even for self-love.

Usage of love spells

The usage of free love spell casting online is not a game and there are quite a few things that you need to bear in mind before attempting any, either by yourself or by a real love spell caster online or locally.

First of all, you need to be clear about what your moral compass dictates. Some people feel uncomfortable casting a love spell that forces someone to want to be with them because they are aware that even though it works, it will never be genuine love but a need that has been artificially placed upon a person, while others are fine with that.

If you are going to use a love spell that alters someone else’s free will, you need to be aware that real love cannot be replicated, and that what the spell will cause is an obsession, a thirst that can only be satiated when being around you, but that will not be the same thing as love. As well, these genuine love spells that work requires maintenance, as they will run out of power eventually and will need a recharge, so in order to keep the relationship going, you will have to continue on feeding on that love magic.

On the other hand, there are free online love spells that are meant to increment your potential to meet new partners, and these are often “safer” in terms that they are not forcing anyone to be around you, but attracting suitable partners your way without having a direct interference in the relationship or their feelings. These spells work pretty much like a sort of dating apps that are booming nowadays, giving you bigger chances but letting you be the one who closes the deal - or not!

If you are low on self-esteem, you can use a self-love spell that will make you be kinder to yourself and will help you appreciate yourself more, as well as improve your self-image and your confidence. This type of spell works really well when paired with a spell for attracting a suitable candidate!

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Advantages of real love spells

  • Real love spells that don’t interfere with someone else’s will can bring you real love and satisfactory relationships.
  • They can help you meet someone with whom you’re compatible.
  • It’s very powerful magic.
  • They do work, and if cast properly by someone with the experience, they will fulfill your heart’s desires.

Disadvantages of love spells

  • Love cannot be artificially created, so if the spell is cast upon someone who doesn’t love you, it will work but it will never be real love.
  • You can bind yourself to someone forever, even if you don’t want to be with that person later on.
  • They do work, which is also a con because you can have a person who is head over heels obsessed with you when you stop wanting that connection.

Different types of love spells

There are many different types of free love spells for a specific person that can be cast. Some work better than others or are more appropriate for any given situation. The best thing you can do is getting a reading from love spells casters online. There are certain websites, such as, or PsychicSource that will offer you the possibility to chat for a few minutes with a free psychic love spell caster that will give you some guidance as to how to proceed and will guide you towards the love spells online that work in your situation.

Love attraction

Love attraction spells are love spells that work immediately and you can most times cast these yourself because they are the safest. What they do is increase your attractiveness and magnetism so that you can bring a lover into your life. As well, since these spells do not affect someone else’s free will, they can result in real love and lasting relationships that only need a little help to happen!

You can do an easy and effective authentic love spell such as this one.

You will need:

  • A pink or red candle. (Pink if you’re going for romantic love. The Red color if you’re more interested in an intense affair.)
  • A needle.
  • White paper.
  • A pen.

Carve your name in the candle with the help of the needle from the wick to the bottom. Once you’re done, secure the candle in an appropriate holder so that it does not present a fire hazard.

Write the characteristics that you desire in a partner “attentive, emotionally available, able to commit, adventurous...” in the white paper and fold it three times towards you.

Light the candle and say:

“I lit this candle as a symbol of my desire to attract a partner that brings me warmth. Let this flame shine strong and high, calling out to the person that can lit up my soul.”

Burn the paper and let the candle consume.

Sex Spells

ex spells can be great when you are feeling bored in your relationship or out of desire and they can be really powerful to spice things up in the bedroom. As well, you can cast sex spells to cause impotence, separate lovers or decrease someone’s libido, though it can be quite muddy and it’s advisable to think it through and avoid acting in the heat of the moment in this matter.

Voodoo love spells

Voodoo is a religion as opposed to a magical system. Many Voodoo practitioners do practice magic but it is not a necessary part of the religious practice. The spells cast by Voodoo priests or priestesses are very powerful, but it is not recommendable to use this kind of magic on your own or to trust a priest or priestesses that has not a reputable lineage, for things could turn against you real quick.

Wiccan love spells

Wiccan love spells are based on not altering someone else’s free will. The real love spell list of this tradition includes many spells oriented towards self-love, healing from abusive or toxic relationships, forgetting your ex or calling for love without having a specific person in mind.

White and black magic spells

By definition, white magic love spells online are those that are not meant to force someone to be with you, alter their free will or otherwise have an effect on someone else’s life and decisions. In this category, you can find love attraction spells, love spells cast for you online, healing spells and those spells that have an effect upon you and nobody else.

Black magic is magic intended to dominate a person against their will or force them to bend your will. These spells include bindings, separation spells, impotence spells, break-up spells and come back to me spells.

Tips for having love spelling for the first time

Having a love spell can be an exciting experience! Here are some tips that will help you along the way.

  • Let your love spell caster advise you when choosing the appropriate love spell.
  • Make sure that they are using legit love spells cast online.
  • Think about the consequences of your spell. Do you really want that person in your life, no matter what, even if you stop being interested?
  • Consider the bigger picture. It may be in your best interest to cast a spell to help you get over your ex as opposed to one to bring them back to you.
  • Let your decision sit for a couple of days before getting anything done.
  • If you are going to cast the love spell yourself, make sure that you understand what you are doing.
  • Don’t recite incantations that you don’t fully understand or in languages that you do not speak.
  • Do not cast a spell in a moment of anger or extreme despair. Try to be calm and confident.
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FAQ Section

Can I make someone love me?

You can definitely make someone need you with magic, obsess over you, have a thirst for you, but you cannot make someone genuinely love you with magic. That’s the magic of love itself, it can only be given freely, not replicated. The best thing you can get with magic is a replica.

Is a love spell reversible?

A love spell can be reversible but it is definitely something difficult and usually, it’s the same person that cast the spell that can reverse it. Even if it’s reversed, it will not leave things as they were before casting. If you want to undo a love binding, you may be able to end that person’s attraction towards you, but it might be because they turn their attention to someone else, get in a new relationship, go back to an old flame or because they have an accident and go amnesic!

Reversing magic is not an easy business, this is why it is so important to think things through before casting.

Is it possible to find free love spell casters?

It is absolutely possible to find free online love spells, but it may not be so easy to find a real love spell caster free online. There are many sources that will provide you with the information that you need to cast a love spell yourself or create your own, but if you want someone to do it on your behalf, it will come with a fee. There are some sites as the ones mentioned above that will let you speak for a few minutes with a free psychic love spell caster online to guide you through the process.

Where to find the real love spell caster?

You can find true love spell casters online and offline. You can run a Google search or go to some independent caster through Etsy or Facebook groups. There is the very reputable Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers that counts with legit free love spell casters.

How to prepare yourself for love spell casting?

Your emotional state is very important. You need to stay focused when casting a spell as much as you need to be focused when you’re driving. For this reason, it’s key that you are not in an extreme emotional state and that you feel confident in what you’re going to do.

For how long love spell does work?

Love spells are not eternal and their power doesn’t last forever. Love spells online for a purpose, for instance, love attraction spells, don’t need to be cast again because they are no longer needed once they serve their purpose - the magic is bringing someone to you, but keeping that person is your job. The best free love spells that are meant to help you through a rough patch without affecting someone else’s will, are also a one-time thing.

However, spells whose purpose is to keep someone in a relationship they wouldn’t want to be in without magic is a different thing. These spells need to be cast with a certain frequency that usually increases with time, as they are likely to become less and less powerful. So the spell that initially gave you a year, can last up to 6 months after two or three rounds and eventually need to be casted again every three weeks.

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