Spells for Good Luck

Good luck spells or good fortune spells are one of the most common and well-known forms of magic. There are many easy good luck spells that are extremely powerful, some of them are even so ingrained in popular culture that is not even perceived as magic, even though they are.

Something as simple as wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve or walking into your new job with the right foot is a luck spell that you may not even be thinking about. As well, there are many magical customs that are meant to reverse bad luck, such as throwing salt over your left shoulder or hanging a horseshoe over the door to repel negative energies.

Read more to discover more about good luck spells, who are they, real spell casters and what they can do for you, as well as how to prepare yourself prior to casting a good luck spell.

What are spells for good luck?

Good luck spells are quite useful as well as spells for healing sickness. When you are going through a patch of ill-fortune or when you feel that nothing is going your way, however, that’s not all that they can do. You can also cast a good luck spell when you feel that you need a boost for a particular purpose, to increase your chance of winning if you go gambling, or to get chosen for a position that you have applied for.

Spells for good luck can also be cast to counteract a bad luck spell. There are as well uncrossing spells, that are a sort of luck spells that serve to break bad luck hits or to lift jinxes as well as the evil eye.

How good luck spells can help me?

Good luck spells can help you in a variety of ways, for they are very versatile. You may want to increase your popularity in a dating app, be eligible for a raise or a promotion, you are having an important conversation and it is important for you to persuade the other party or you just want more opportunities coming your way. Free good luck spells can help you with any of these situations, increasing your chances to succeed and turning things to your favor.

Prepare Yourself for Good Luck Spell Casting

For casting successful good luck spells, it is important to feel fortunate. It is going to be more difficult for you to cast an extremely powerful good luck spell chant if you don’t feel that you’ve got it.

Counting your blessings and an attitude of gratitude can help you get in the zone when it comes to casting effective luck magic. Dedicate a few days in advance to notice the things that are going right in your life and the times that you are blessed with good fortune. This mindset will make your spell casting way more powerful.

Good luck magic is very intentional, and visualization is really important. Have a sharp image of what you wish to achieve and be clear about what your objective is. Say your good luck chants with conviction and command.

How to cast a good luck spell?

In order to cast a luck spell, you need to get into the right mindset as exposed above, gather the ingredients and be clear on what you intend to achieve. It could be useful for you to get a spiritual reading or do some sort of divination before casting your spell to make sure that it is called for and that what you need is indeed a good luck spell and not any other sort of magic. Once that you’re all set, you’re ready to go!

Good luck spells for beginners

You can cast really easy luck spells even without ingredients or with minimal ingredients. One of the simplest good luck spells for money consists of putting a coin inside of your shoes to “walk-in abundance” and attract wealth into your life. You can dress or anoint Van Van Oil or High John The Conqueror oil in your wallet, your lottery tickets or any other item that you wish to attract positive energy, luck, and opportunities.

Florida Water is a magical cologne that works wonders in matters of luck, and you only have to spray it on you! As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for something more elaborate, here’s a simple free good luck spell that you can cast easily.

Good Luck Mojo Bag.


  • A square of green, brown or white cloth.
  • Green, brown or white thread or ribbon.
  • One bay leaf.
  • A pinch of alfalfa.
  • A pinch of rosemary.
  • A pinch of parsley.
  • Allspice berries (also known as Jamaican pepper)
  • One cinnamon stick.
  • A silver coin.
  • A white or green candle.

Gather your ingredients on top of the square of cloth and place your hands upon them while reciting the following chant.

“I call upon the forces of fortune to shower my ingredients with luck and prosperity, repelling any negativity cast upon myself.” (three times)

Then close the square with the thread or ribbon so that you make a little pouch, light the candle and pour some wax on the thread to seal your magic. Carry your mojo bag with you at all times!

Magic Matter: Wiccan spells for luck.

Wiccan spells for luck can be tricky! The Wiccan Rede strongly believes in the threefold law and is against doing spells that can harm others. With matters of luck, you need to be careful! If you’re casting a magic spell for exams, for instance, you’re in the clear, because getting a passing grade will not prevent others from getting it. However, if you’re applying for a job, a more deserving person could be the one to get it, and you could be taking it away from them if you decide to cast to your benefit!

In order to cast Wiccan spells for luck that work, you need to be really open and cast spells that simply attract good fortune or bring opportunities your way without a specific target in mind so that you are not incurring in casting a spell that harms another person even if not intentionally.

What are Bad Luck Spells?

Bad luck spells, also known as crossings or jinxes are a form of black or execration magic that has the objective to cast bad luck upon someone else. A jinx is a mild curse that is meant to put a person on a strike of unlucky events, such as losing their keys or phone, having appliances breaking, getting terrible haircuts, losing their jobs or getting demoted. These are not spells that will cause extreme disgraces, such as illnesses or major accidents, but that can make someone’s life way more unpleasant.

Where You Can get Good Luck Spell Casting for Free Online?

It can be tricky to find someone who casts a free good luck spell for you, though many practitioners offer blessings free of charge. However, you can find good luck spells online for free to cast yourself by following the instructions above!

There are sites where very capable practitioners offer their services, such as Kasamba, Psychic Source and the like, and you can get a few minutes for free that will help you agree upon a type of spell and a price that suits your expectations and requirements.

FAQ Section

How to cast a good luck spell on yourself?

You can cast a good luck spell for yourself or for someone else as explained above. All that you need is the right mindset and the decision that commanding good luck and fortune your way requires!

You can also create your own good luck amulets and talismans, such as the mojo bag for good fortune and luck described a few paragraphs above. There are plenty of things that you can do easily and in the comfort of your own home that is extremely powerful!

Is it possible to get good luck spells for someone else?

Yes! Ideally, it would have to be done with their permission, but it is true that casting a spell on a non-believer and letting them know can spoil the magic, for spells are fed from energy and conviction and not having faith on a spell is the easiest way to break it! You can contact your practitioner in order to cast a good luck spell on someone else or do it yourself. A general blessing also helps and it is usually a sort of magic that is very well received.

Are there any spells that can change my luck?

Yes, there are many spells that can change your luck (for better or for worse!) and also there are talismans and amulets that can bring you good fortune and increase your chances. Hoodoo oils are extremely powerful in matters of luck and good fortune as well as to uncross a situation. If you are feeling low or you feel that you’re having a stroke of bad luck, you can always get a ritual bath to cleanse yourself and get rid of any negative energies that are attached to you.

What if a spell didn’t work?

Sometimes, spells don’t work for a number of reasons. One can be that you are not experienced enough or you didn’t cast the spell that the situation required. Another one, as mentioned before, is a weak faith that causes your will to dissolve and not work as intended. There are also instances where you or the person that you are casting for, are going through a major life lesson and there are higher forces preventing something from happening for the highest good or because it is necessary for particular learning or so that you grow as an individual.

As well, sometimes we can feel that a spell didn’t work where it actually did! You may be casting a good luck spell for a job, and if you had got the job, you may have had an accident during your commute and be severely injured! In that case, the good luck spell is actually protecting you, even if not in the way that you intended!

Can I win a lottery using a good luck spell?

You can increase your chances of winning when gambling with good luck spells. Van Van Oil and High John The Conqueror oil are frequently used by players. As well, carrying High John The Conqueror root or Ghalanghal Root (also known as Low John) increases the luck of players, bringing winnings their way.

You can burn a beeswax candle or a honey candle on the 11th of each month to bring good luck and prosperity your way.

How to Get rid of bad luck spell?

Getting rid of a bad luck spell can be tricky, but there are some things that you can do to help yourself! Florida Water is a powerful cleanser and it easy to acquire as well as affordable. All that you have to do is putting some in your hands and rubbing your body with it with a cleansing intention, visualizing how you’re breaking any negative attachment that you have.

Another way to cleanse yourself is to get a cleansing bath. Fill your bathtub with warm water, add some slices of lemon, a couple of glasses of salt and some bay leaves. Be sure that you are completely submerging in the water, head and all, and visualize how you’re getting cleansed from all bad luck and how all of your problems are gone through the drain with the water when you’re done. Let yourself air dry and put on some clean clothes. If possible, take a walk in the sun afterward.

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