Pregnancy Psychic Reading

Just as it happens with fertility readings, it is very important for you to be careful when selecting a psychic for a pregnancy reading and that you never take any information or advice received during a psychic reading session as a substitute for medical advice from a trained professional!

Once that this is clear, a free online psychic reading can become a powerful ally during your pregnancy process, helping you deal with the challenges that pregnancy might bring, helping you prepare for the arrival of your baby and even helping you adjust to your new life as a mother after birth!

What is a Pregnancy Psychic Reading?

A pregnancy psychic is a psychic who is specialized in the process of pregnancy and the transition to motherhood. This sort of psychic usually mixes their skill with their own experience with the intention of providing the best care and support during your pregnancy.

Their job goes far beyond predicting. If you are expecting a psychic to tell you how many children will you have and when perhaps this is not the sort of reading that you need to be looking at! The job of a psychic reading is to help you create the conditions for an easy and enjoyable pregnancy and a positive transition to motherhood, offering guidance and support along the way.

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Who Are Pregnancy Psychic Readings For?

Pregnancy readings are adequate for both women and men, though obviously in different ways! Women who are pregnant or trying to be can benefit from pregnancy tarot readings for they help them prepare spiritually by providing spiritual energy reading and emotionally for what is to come, as well as they are a useful tool when navigating the complex emotions of pregnancy, usually triggered by heightened hormones.

On the other hand, men can benefit from pregnancy readings too! They can learn how to better support their partners and also learn more about what their partners are going through so they gain more sensitivity and become better partners and better future fathers.

Why Should You Get Pregnancy Psychic Readings?

Pregnancy can be a very delicate time in the life of a woman and you might feel that you don’t have the support that you need. As well, you can feel that your emotions are playing games with you and at times you could even doubt yourself or feel unhappy about your pregnancy. All of these are normal emotional responses during pregnancy, but you can reach a more balanced state of mind that helps you have a calmer pregnancy with the help of a pregnancy psychic.

Pregnancy readings online are one of the best ways of getting a pregnancy reading, for you will have all the comfort and support that you need in the comfort of your own home.

Types of Pregnancy Readings

Pregnancy readings are not only about the 40 weeks that precede the arrival of a new baby but about everything that surrounds the event! These readings can help you during a very important period in your life, supporting you, your pregnancy and your relationship along the way.

Pregnancy Readings

Pregnancy readings are the psychic readings that are related to gestation itself and the preparation of the mother for the arrival of a new baby. This sort of reading also helps you learn more about your baby and what he or she is like, aiding in the creation of a bond that starts in the womb!

Pregnancy readings will help you feel empowered and serene during your pregnancy and will give you very valuable advice to make your baby feel safe and cared for even before they arrive!

As well, pregnancy readings can help you with supporting your relationship in a moment in which you are likely to be especially sensitive.

Fertility Readings

Fertility readings are about matters related to conception and the challenges that may arise. These readings help you prepare yourself for conception and create the ideal environment for you to maximize your chances of conceiving.

This is as well a kind of reading that can help you come to terms with infertility or the possibility of infertility, helping you have hope in the future as well as take control over the situation and start feeling more interested in what lies ahead.

Fertility readings online can also help couples whose relationship is suffering due to infertility issues or when a partner is resenting another for their infertility even though they don’t intend to.

New Child Readings

New child psychic readings are one of the most useful aspects of pregnancy readings. New child tarot readings can help you adjust better when a new baby arrives into the family and can be a fantastic way to get some hints about your baby’s needs and desires.

A new child reading online can be very useful in those terrible teething nights when you no longer know what to do and as well it can be a wonderful aid if your new children are not getting along with the new baby or if they are jealous.

Furthermore, new child psychic readings are also for the parents! The arrival of a new baby can be stressful and you may forget to also pay attention to your relationship as partners and not just parents! These readings can be incredibly useful for couples who need some guidance with their relationship after the arrival of a baby, and they can even come in really handy when you are thinking about restarting your sex-life after the birth of your child.

Family Readings

Family readings are the branch of pregnancy readings that are focused on family harmony. These readings are all about helping you find your grounding point so you are in an optimal state to deal with all matters that might be presented to you.

The arrival of a new baby can change family dynamics and not just at home! It is frequent to see the in-laws way more after the birth of your baby, especially if it is your first, and it is common to see disagreements when it comes to the education of the child, in-laws that become too overbearing and sometimes straight away nosey and the like.

For this, family readings can help you make sure that your nuclear family is in perfect working order so that your bond remains unaffected by external influences, and you gain the ability to deal with other family issues in positive and constructive ways.

Questions to Ask During a Pregnancy Psychic Reading

The type of pregnancy reading that you get will determine what questions are more suited for you. If you are currently pregnant, these are some questions that you might find useful.

  • “How can I release stress during my pregnancy?”
  • “How can I create a safe environment for me and my baby?”
  • “How can I make my baby feel cared for?”
  • “What do I need to do so that I fully enjoy my pregnancy?”
  • “How can I take care of my relationship during pregnancy?”
  • “How can I spice-up things with my partner during my pregnancy?”

If you have just given birth, you may benefit from these types of questions:

  • “How can I balance caring for myself and caring for my baby?”
  • “What can help me deal with postpartum depression?”
  • “Where do I need support and how can I ask for help?”
  • “How can I make my in-laws feel included without them overstepping their boundaries?”
  • “How can I make my children feel included in raising this new baby?”
  • “How can I maintain the spark of my relationship alive?”

How To Find the Best Pregnancy Readers Online

When looking for the best pregnancy reader online be a bit more careful since this person needs to be someone responsible and trustworthy who has some experience under their belt and know where their limits are. Usually, the best pregnancy psychics are women for they can relate to what you are going through in ways that a man cannot. There are different sorts of readers that can help you in a number of ways during your pregnancy journey!

There is a selection of psychics in different websites that offer a few minutes of free pregnancy psychic reading and good introductory offers so that you can get a great live pregnancy reading at a fantastic price!

Some websites your can browse are,, and Please be aware that many sites have regulations against health readings, including pregnancy and fertility issue, and you might need to consider the possibility of having a freelance psychic that works on their own, in which case, it is recommendable that you do some research and look at their reviews before booking a pregnancy tarot card reading by email or by phone.

Tarot Reader

A tarot reader can help you in your pregnancy in lots of ways! While they can provide psychic career reading, they can assist you in creating the best conditions for your pregnancy, help you explore different options for your birthing experience - though their advice should never outweigh the indications of a medical practitioner - and they can help you analyze your feelings, both physical and emotional so that you gain awareness of your body and the changes it is going through on different levels.

Pregnancy tarot card readings are very intuitive and highly analytical and are very recommendable when you want to see the big picture and have a greater understanding about the emotional and spiritual implications of the process that you’re going through!


A medium can be the bridge between your loved ones that are no longer in this plane of existence and you. Sometimes, there is a great deal of frustration because you would have loved that your grandfather lived to meet your baby! A medium can help you deal with this and give you a sensation of comfort and closure while helping you introduce your new baby to your departed ancestors so that they are able to offer their love and protection to the little one.


An astrologer can help by looking at your birth chart and the birth chart of your baby so that they can point out what are the best ways for you to get along, what are the lessons that you are most likely to face together and how can you better communicate. Also, they can give you a lot of information regarding your newborn baby by looking at their birth chart so that you learn about his or her needs from an early age.

An astrologer can also play a key role by helping you overcome childhood and family trauma so that you don’t have to pass it along to your own offspring.


A numerologist can help by analyzing your new child’s life path number so that you gain knowledge about the challenges and lessons that they are likely to face as well as his or her skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Pros and Cons Of Getting A Pregnancy Psychic Reading Online

Getting a pregnancy reading can be a very enriching experience, however, since it is such a delicate matter you need to be aware of the pros and cons of getting a pregnancy psychic reading online.


  • Greater understanding: Pregnancy readings will help you gain greater knowledge and understanding about yourself, your body and your internal processes on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • Continued support: A pregnancy psychic will provide comfort, support, empowerment and reassurance during your pregnancy.
  • Actionable steps: Your psychic will provide you with actionable steps to help you incorporate a new child into your family, deal with your relationship or enhance your sex-life.


  • Sensitive information: Pregnancy readings are really, really personal and touchy and the information that you receive can be upsetting for you.
  • You will not always hear what you want to hear: And you may have to take some time to digest the information received during a pregnancy reading.


If done properly and responsibly, pregnancy readings can be a wonderful resource for those going through a conceiving or pregnancy journey and their partners! A pregnancy reading can help out in many areas and is worth the investment if you apply the wisdom that you receive in your daily life.

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