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Fertility readings can be a tricky subject and you need to research very well who you are trusting in this aspect. While a fertility psychic reading can help you in the process of trying to conceive, it would be irresponsible to recommend it as a substitute for adequate medical advice from a trained professional.

When it comes to health and psychic readings for free, you need to be particularly careful when approaching the subject. Fertility is a very delicate matter that triggers really strong emotions and that has really big implications in a person’s life, so it is not something to be taken lightly.

Whether you are looking for an online fertility reading or a fertility reading with your local psychic, you need to take some precautions. Stay away from readers who encourage you to leave medical treatment and always make sure that it is complementary and never a substitution of medical care.

What is Fertility Reading?

A fertility reading is a sort of psychic reading that is meant to help you find clarity in your journey when trying to conceive and give you some heads up as to what to expect at this time. The aim of this sort of reading is to make this period as easy as possible, indicating possible challenges that you may face in the process of conceiving a baby, as well as guiding you towards reaching the right emotional space to make that happen.

A fertility reading is meant to support you during this journey, and so many people are interested because, while medicine focuses on making sure that the body is physically ready for conceiving and assuring you that everything is in perfect working order, fertility readings are meant to hold you emotionally and spiritually during the process.

Fertility psychic readings are not only for those who are trying to conceive, but they can also as well be a great tool for those who already know that they are unable to conceive and are having difficulties accepting the situation, feel guilty, resent their partners or for those whose relationship is suffering due to this. Also, in this situation, you can consider talking with a love psychic. It can help you in your healing process as well as point towards other possibilities that may be awaiting for you in the future!

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What You Can Expect from Your Fertility Psychic Reading

A fertility reading should never include diagnosis or any sort of final statement. The reason for that is that psychic readers, tarot readers, astrologers and such are not trained medical professionals, but spiritual professionals.

Your fertility psychic reading should provide you with insight, advice, guidance, and support so that you find peace and comfort. It will help you get in touch with your physical self as well as your emotional self, allowing you to have a better and deeper understanding of what is going on in your body as well as your emotions and help you navigate the challenging parts, especially when all those hormones seem to be in command!

As well, this sort of reading can help you improve your relationship and thus create a better environment for conception. Trying to conceive can be really stressful for couples and it can lead you to a fragile state of mind where you or your partner don’t feel supported to the process. A good fertility psychic will help you maintain a happy supportive and healthy relationship with your partner while you are in the making of your little bundle of joy.

If you are having a difficult time conceiving, a fertility reader should help you come to terms with your body and its possibilities and assist you in removing any hostility that you may hold against yourself, bringing on a sense of peace and safety within your own body. As well, they can assist you in dealing with all the possible outcomes, whether you end up conceiving or not, and make sure that you have the necessary tools and support around you to express your needs, your joys, your sorrows and in general, to ride the roller-coaster that the trying to conceive experience can be.

Why Are Fertility Readings Different?

Fertility readings are different in the sense that they are meant to create the right environment more than giving definitive answers. Prediction with this kind of reading needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, especially when conception is such a delicate thing that depends on so many factors that can change at any second.

Fertility tarot readings require a commitment on your end to take steps that improve your chances of successfully conceiving - always under the supervision of a doctor or medically trained professional - and this sometimes includes making changes that you may not be fully on board with, for instance changing your diet, starting a fitness routine or cut off people from your life that aren’t contributing to your well-being.

Fertility readings are one of the toughest readings, particularly on the psychics, because they sometimes have to be the bearer of news that you don’t want to hear and be in the receiving end of your frustration! However, you are not to worry. A fertility tarot reader who specializes in fertility is probably more than used to dealing with people at such a meaningful and delicate moment in their lives and will know how to make you feel better.

You need to approach a fertility reading with an open mind, knowing that you will most likely hear more about what you need to do in order to reach an optimum state for conception than about whether you’ll have a girl or a boy or how long it will take for you to conceive.

How to Find the Best Fertility Readers Online

Many free psychic reading sites have rules against health readings and this includes pregnancy readings and fertility readings. The reason for this is that it is a touchy subject that can have a direct impact on your health and well being, and the same way you wouldn’t want a surgeon to be in command of an airplane, you don’t want a psychic to be in command of what belongs to a doctor.

It can be frustrating, and regulations about fertility readings can put you off and wonder why is it that psychics who are supposed to have a special skill are in many cases forbidden to use it with clients searching fertility readings. The reason for this is purely making sure that nobody is stepping over other professional’s work. As the saying goes, to Caesar what’s Caesar’s!

It is for this reason, that finding a fertility psychic reader online can be a bit more difficult than usual and especially a free fertility reader. In this case, it may be useful to do some research and find a freelance psychic reading who operates on their own and is reputable and who is willing to offer fertility readings by phone or fertility readings by e-mail.

Most readers, regardless of their specialties, have reviews and testimonials from other clients. Make sure that the fertility reader that you have chosen has some good testimonials out there and is trustworthy. As well, this is one of the cases in which a woman will probably do a much better job, being able to fully understand the process that a body goes through, physically and mentally in order to conceive, so that you receive that extra care and understanding.

As a final note, run away from readers who claim to have 100% accuracy or the final say. This is just not possible in any context for any professional but is especially true in the context of fertility, pregnancy, and conception.

Pros and Cons Of Getting A Fertility Psychic Readings Online

It is important to highlight the pros and cons of getting a fertility psychic reading online or in-person for it is a subject that can be particularly difficult!

Some of the pros are:

  • A greater understanding of the processes of your body on a spiritual and emotional level: A fertility tarot reading will help you gain awareness of the way your body operates on an energetic level by providing sort of spiritual reading as well, will help you understand how your levels of energy change, get more in touch with your femininity and your cycles and gain knowledge and control over your emotions and how you respond to different situations.
  • Support and understanding: You will count on someone who is ready to support you through your journey from a spiritual point of view and who can help you see the situation from the outside, particularly at a time when hormones are running wild.
  • Support in your relationship: Fertility tarot readings are not only about conceiving children, but they can also help you become more focused and intentional in your relationship, improve your sex life and intimacy with your partner, be aware of the needs of your partner during this time and help you smooth any ruffled feathers!
  • It can help you stay motivated to ditch toxic habits from your life: Whether you end up conceiving or not, a responsible fertility psychic will want you to be in the best condition to maximize your chances of conceiving, and they will point out to any toxic habit, environment or person in your life so you can get rid of the threat! This is a surefire way of improving your overall well-being and satisfaction.

Some of the cons are:

  • You will be dealing with sensitive information: And you will not always like it. As well, fertility readings are likely to be upsetting, especially when the news is not the ones that you had in mind.
  • You will most likely not receive predictions: This can be a very frustrating part of fertility readings, and these are one of the readings that require the most participation of the querent in order to be proven useful. Fertility tarot readings are more about improving your chances than about predicting the future.
  • If you end up with an irresponsible psychic reader, it can be hard on you: It is extremely important to take your time when contacting a fertility psychic, and it is recommendable to establish some level of trust with them first, perhaps with some other sort of reading so that you are sure that you like their tone, their reading style and that they are responsible and caring.

Questions You Might Find Answers to from A Fertility Psychic Reading

There are many different situations in which you may want to approach a fertility reader and the best fertility questions very much depend on your circumstances. Some general questions that you can ask if you are trying to conceive in any context are:

  • “How can I create the ideal environment in my life so that I can conceive?”
  • “What do I need to remove from my life in order to increase my chances of conceiving?”
  • “What are the circumstances in which I’m the most likely to conceive?”

If you are single and you’re starting to worry about conception, you can try these.

  • “What challenges am I likely to expect if I become a single parent?”
  • “What impact will be becoming a single parent have in my life?”
  • “Is it a good idea for me to get a sperm donor?”

If your relationship is struggling when trying to conceive, you can try these questions:

  • “How can I express my needs to my partner so that they understand me?”
  • “How can I better support my partner at this time?”
  • “I am resenting my partner because he or she can’t have children. How can we move on?”
  • “How can I show support to my partner?”
  • “How can I work on this relationship while trying to conceive?”
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