Spiritual Readings

Spiritual reading is sometimes an overlooked kind of reading that has been proven very useful to all sorts of issues. Getting reading from a psychic is often a life-changing experience that leaves the querent feeling awake and in control of the situation. It is a wonderful tool to leave you feeling energized and it does very often change your perspective of a given situation, transforming it and making you consider points of view that you hadn’t paid attention to you before. Spiritual readings can change your understanding of a situation completely, and sometimes, even make you more aware of yourself and your own trains of thought and reactions, bringing you fuller control over the circumstances.

What is a Spiritual Reading?

What is exactly a spiritual reading and how does it differ from a psychic reading? Well, a psychic reading’s objective is to give you information about what are the odds of a certain outcome happening, it provides you with information about the more factual matters and it can give you insight on other people’s thoughts and feelings around the subject. It is more fact-oriented and it is meant to give an outlook of the situation as it is.

A spiritual reading is more about what lies below all that. This type of reading is meant to help you gain greater awareness of the whole process and the causes beneath the surface. It is about the higher purpose behind all things and the spiritual implications, connections, and motives. It is as well a type of reading that assists you in your personal growth and your journey as an individual.

Ways to Get Spiritual Readings

There are different ways in which you can get a spiritual reading. These readings often involve direct touch with spirit guides or other entities, it is not the same as a psychic reading, where the psychic reader is receiving information from their own perception. In a spiritual reading, the reader acts as a channel for the spirit world to pour its wisdom upon the reader, who acts pretty much as a speaker.

  • One-to-one consultation with a spiritual reader

Having a one to one consultation with a spiritual reader can be a very intense experience and a fantastic way to truly feel the energy and connection with a professional and experienced spiritual reader. If you want to find a local spiritual reader or psychic counsellor, you can try running a Google search with the terms “spiritual readings near me” or “psychic counselor near me” to get the best results.

If you get a spiritual reading, it can be a very emotional experience. It is not recommendable to get daily spiritual readings because they usually deal with major matters and getting too much information at once is often a disservice.

  • Group spiritual reading

Sometimes, a family or a couple can be going through a group spiritual challenge or life lesson and things can get really rough. This is one of the times in which a group of spiritual reading can come in handy! Many spiritual readers are also mediums, which means that they can connect with the spirits of the deceased a be a bridge for communication between the two worlds.

This is an activity often experienced by a family or group that has been affected by the loss and that can really help with the grieving process. There are catholic spiritual readers that offer this service and that are very well connected with this sort of scenario.

Another common use for spiritual readings is those that are carried by a sensitive person in a location that is haunted or where the paranormal or spiritual activity is occurring. In this cases a reader can collaborate by talking to the spirits and get them to leave the spot, thus ending the strange occurrences taken place at a given location.

  • Telephone spiritual reading

A spiritual reading through the telephone is another option that can be really useful when you don’t have the time or the resources to meet face to face with a spiritual counsellor or you are concerned with privacy or want to be kept anonymous.

It can be complicated to perform a telephone spiritual readings because oftentimes, spirits mess up with the devices and in really intense situations it can be difficult to keep the phone call going, especially when the reader is acting as a channel, not being fully in control of his or her physical location.

However; It can be done, but you need to make sure that you are dealing with a properly trained spiritual reader.

A different option is to carry an introductory call with a spiritual reader before a face to face spiritual reading with the intention of making sure that you are clear about what is going to happen and what your expectations regarding the reading are. This can help you set the mood and as well be clear about what are the points that you need to address during the reading and what is that you intend to achieve with it. It is important to know that spiritual readings differ from psychic readings in the aspect that you will not always get answers to the questions that you want to ask, but information that you need to know regardless of whether or not it was initially your intention.

  • Online spiritual reading

Online spiritual readings can face the same issues that telephone readings do, though it is easier to get it done online because the reader has more time to ground themselves and to create a space in which they can work without the hassle of having to deal with a telephone in the process. Spiritual readings online or face to face are not usually free, for they involve risks for the reader that they need compensation for and it takes an insane amount of energy to carry a proper spiritual reading. Free spiritual reading by phone or online is mostly out of the question, though you may find a psychic medium reader who volunteers for a face to face free spiritual medium psychic service depending on the case.

Be aware that spiritual readings don’t only depend on the skill of the reader but also on the willingness of spirits to work with the reader, so it may happen that you cannot get a spiritual reading that is exactly how you expected it to be.

  • Spiritual tarot reading

Spiritual tarot reading and spiritual card reading are two very valid options when it comes to spiritual readings, and are better oriented towards situations where the querent is dealing with a major life event or life lesson. There are certain pros to this kind of readings, for instance, the fact that you can have a written or recorded record of your session, particularly if it’s online, to review when you see fit or whenever you need it.

  • Spiritual ribbon reading

Ribbon reading is an ancient spiritual reading technique that is carried with ribbons of different colors. The reader meditates for a while and grounds themselves before practicing the divination. Then, they pick a few ribbons that are often tied to a pole - left on the ground on different traditions - and observe how the wind interacts with the ribbons, getting insight on different aspects of the querent’s life depending on the color of the ribbons and their movement.

How to Find the Best Spiritual Reader?

You can find really good spiritual readers online, there are some places such as Kasamba.com, PsychicSource or Phuture. Me where you can find professional spiritual readers, spirit readers, and spiritual mediums online free. However, these readings usually come with a cost, so if you want a quality reading, be prepared to give fair compensation.

You can always run a search for good spiritual readers in your area, either through Google or by asking for references. There are forums and Facebook groups specialized in reviewing these sorts of professionals and their services, as well as recommending sites for online readings and free online readings in general.

What Can You Expect From A Spiritual Reading?

Spiritual readings have fame for being unpredictable and often they can raise more questions than give answers. However, this is sometimes the sign of a good reading that gets you to question more things and meditate about your life and your projects on a deeper level.

A spiritual reading can sometimes shake you, but it will leave you with a more open perspective and feeling empowered and more in command of the situation, knowing that you have resources to deal with whatever circumstances you’re faced.

How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading?

The best way to prepare for a psychic reading is to do it in a state of mind that is not extreme. Being elated or depressed can affect your reading, and it is best to be as neutral as possible in your state of mind. If you are getting a spiritual reading, it is best that you do keep an open mind. This type of reading also calls for taking notes or recording the session if possible, always with the consent of everyone involved, for many spirit messages make sense later on and might not be perceived at the moment or the intensity of the experience could make you miss important parts.

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