Your Ultimate Guide to Have Harmony Relationships in 21th Century

Harmony Relationship in Digital World

We live in a stressful digital world, filled with someone else’s expectations. These are the number one suspects for our bad luck in the relationships we create. People are mostly career-oriented, and money is the one motivating us to work hard and to be even better. But that can be quite a problem, especially if you find yourself in a relationship where both are you are burned out from work and don’t have enough time to focus on anything that is not money. This is the main reason why most couples break apart, and the digitalization helped us being evolved in everyone else’s lives, instead of the one we currently live in. People are not living their best version of themselves, and they usually blame their partner for not having enough time to do it. Making time and having time is something most people forgot how to do. And this is why most of us feel unloved, or unsatisfied when it comes to relationships we are part of.

How to Save Your Relationship in 21st Century?

Living in the 21st century can be quite tough, especially when it comes to meeting and getting to know new people. Everything is moved into the digital realm, and people are having trouble figuring out their truest emotional needs and desires. Nowadays, people usually meet online, but that kind of communication affected the ways we expose our emotions to others. What we see and follow on social media is affecting our minds and telling us what love should look like. We succeeded in creating a digital form of love, that easily could be thought and shared online. But this is not how real love looks like, and it is quite important to connect with our truest self and to see and hear what does it has to say about love. Lesson number one – getting to know yourself first to make harmony in your current or future relationships.

10 Tips To Make Your Love Relationship Better

Check out these easy steps to make your love life better!

1. How to connect with your emotions?

Easily – just make sure you create some alone time in your daily routine. Meditation, writing, listening to the music or even dancing can help you see what is hiding inside your soul. Visualization can help you see how you feel each time when you find yourself in a certain situation and to help you connect with the feeling of love. We all have it, but we somehow seem to forget we have it. We expect it to be delivered to us easily, but often we are the ones having trouble giving it back to someone. Unconditionally, simply letting love be. This is exactly the feeling you need to connect to – a flow of love. Nurturing yourself, writing a journal or finding answers while meditating can help you get a better vision of the things your soul needs.

Once you learn how to do that and how to embrace the emotions you truly feel, or you have to do is to follow a few simple rules to make sure that energy sticks.

2. Find one hobby or passion which you can share

It is quite common for couples to split if they don’t have anything in common, but we want to help you avoid that from happening. Finding one thing in the common or mutual hobby in which you can enjoy, could be beneficial for both you and your partner – it can give you more time with each other, and help you learn to get to know one another all over again. The sparks between you two can always come back to life, you simply have to make the effort and step up with suggesting fresh new things you can both enjoy. Choosing something neutral or challenging like bowling or spa weekend could be something that is at the same time fun and relaxing. Joining the hiking crew could also be fun, but stick to the smaller things you can to together at first. Large groups can make you feel distracted, and although fun and exciting, it can help you distance from your partner more than usual. Make a list of suggestions and run them through with your partner – a healthy discussion on how to share some alone time while help you bond and be even closer than ever!

3. Talk to each other every dinner

Work can be overwhelming, but try not talking about work once you got home – you seek to get rid of that negative energy, but you avoid that by letting it consume you. You will notice how you are always worried, stressed, negative when you have a small amount of time to share with others. You need to be productive in your timeline. Try forgetting things that bother you, or if you are unable to do that, just try focusing a bit on something positive. It is ok for you to share your problems with your partner, but you don’t want the problems to be the only thing you too can share, right? Small talks during dinner can make you feel present and interested in the development of your current relationship. Ask your special someone about their day, listen to them and give advice. Be supportive and simply pay attention. Try to step out of the spotlight and to equally share the daily experiences with your partner.

4. Share if you feel anxious or stressful

It is ok with you to share and talk about your problems – but remember, talking about the problem and not trying to solve anything won’t help your problem go away. If you feel like you are not loved enough, or you disagree on something, don’t fear to talk about that. The key is picking the right words, and if you can do that with a calm tone, and without the need to be right, you can consider yourself a winner. Honesty is needed in partnerships that tend to last, but make sure you are 100 % honest with yourself first. Can you decide what is making you anxious? If this is your work, ask your partner for some guidance. You need to build self-esteem to rise above that stress, and there is not a better person than your partner to help you build that. Explain to them why you feel the way you feel. What is it exactly that you are scared the most. You will be surprised how supportive they can be once they tell you that money is not an issue and that their goal is to see you happy. Your partner is there to help you make a decision when things get bad, and you simply need to let them help you. Accepting help is something we are not familiar with, so remember – not everything will fall apart if you are being honest with the things you fear and the goals you wish to achieve.

5. Think about buying a pet

Some couples feel pressured for not having kids, or they don’t believe they are quite prepared for that phase in their lives. Buying a pet can help the relationship grow, by learning them how to care and nurture something they have in common. Pet will make you learn how to be responsible, and how to share something. A pet can help both you and your partner feel included, and you will have another thing in common that you can talk about and take care of!

6. Plan your holidays together so you have good long expectations

Remember this one well, since this one is the main reason why do couples split. When going on a vacation, each one of us has our rituals and timelines. Some of us like to explore and be adventurous, and others like to swim and spend the whole day in the sun. You can see how these two are quite opposite, and they can easily drive the couples apart. The important thing to remember when you are in a relationship – each side should be treated well. This means that you need to remember that you are not planning the trip just for yourself and what you need to include other person’s interests as well. The goal is to be equal on this journey – if you are relaxing type, try booking your partner some fun activity like sky diving, while you are getting some fine massage in the spa. Make interesting dinner plans and spice it up afterward. Learn not to push anyone and if they don’t want to do something with you – just find some they want to do together, like going to a museum, sharing a meal or long night walks. You don’t have to do everything together, but creating a plan of your activities and picking the right destination in which both of you can get what you want – that is the goal you need to achieve!

7. Try to Discuss Your Problems with Specialist

Most of the people are unaware of their truest needs and emotions, and talking to a psychiatrist can be beneficial for both you and your relationship. Talking with someone about what they have, they wish to achieve in the future and things they regret in life can give them clarity and focus on the things they want and need in life. Although this type of therapy can be effective, not all of us like opening up to someone we don’t know.

Love psychic reading could also be motivational and energy effective, and give you the sense of calm you seek for when it comes to your love life. This type of reading is quite powerful since it has the ability to give you clarity on your past and present relationships. It can help you be more aware of both you and your partner’s emotional needs, and it can definitely cure the hectic or hard relationships you are now part of.

8. Try to Express What You Don`t like in your partner

Always remember: Honesty is the best tool for improving your relationships. We learned a while back not to talk about the things we don’t like, and that we simply must accept everyone and everything. Well, that is not the best advice society gave us. Masking the things you don’t like about your partner or your relationship, will simply make you feel angry all the time since you are accepting the fact that you don’t like a certain something. What would be the worst scenario if you open up to someone about the things they have to bother you? I’m sure no one will leave you if you tell them that they are a loud eater, but you will feel better if you say that out loud. Try to avoid giving fake compliments or boosting your partner’s self-esteem by lying to them. Being honest with each other will help both you and your partner work on making your partnership lasts longer.

9. Be Open For Partner`s Interests

Not everything is evolving around you. Be open to accepting differences each one of us has, and try understanding the ones you are not doing in your everyday lives. By not accepting, your partner can sometimes see you as judgmental or overcritical, and you certainly don’t think of that for yourself.

Try talking with them more about the things they like, and try being supportive and encouraging them doing more and more the thing they like to do. By doing what we like we feel better about ourselves, and this type of action will have a positive reaction to your partnership.

When creating harmony is your number one goal, you tend to balance your needs with the needs of others. You respect their space by allowing them their space. You aren’t competing with each other when you do everything together and exist only in the form of a two. If you wish for your relationship to grow, you need to create a place for it to become bigger.

Doing things your partner likes watching a game with him, can help him see you care about his interest. Making small plans on how to surprise them by taking them to see a show they talk about these last few months or buying them a shirt with the sign that is their life’s moto will bring you closer together. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some new hobby or activity you might like, once you get the know all of your partner’s hidden interests!

10. Do not use mobile phones when you are together

Digitalization brings people distant, and couples’ way apart. Being attached to your phone seems to be distracting your bond with the one you love. Cell phones nowadays affect relationships and have both positive and negative influence on it – although they make communication between partners easily, it gives them a hard time communicating in person. Digital addiction can make you check your phone every five minutes, and the distraction a phone affords one partner doesn’t make the other person feel good about themselves. The phone is now something that is considered to be private, and this age we live in certainly makes a lot of people jealous and anxious about their relationships.

Digital detox day is exactly what you need to connect more with your partner. The smartphones are only drifting you apart. Try putting your phone on the side and talking about your partner more. Do this exercise frequently and you will notice how at first you don’t have that much to share. The reason for that lies in the fact that we forgot to speak loudly and to share long messages.

Another great practice for building trust is the share the things you hide on your phone with your partner. Maybe you googled something embarrassing, or are thinking about starting a new hobby and you spend so much time watching youtube tutorials on how to do it. Your partner simply wants to feel included and safe when it comes to your relationship, and allowing them to enter your private space for a while can rebuild the trust in your relationship.

Try isolating yourself from social media for a while to see how this will affect your relationship with your partner – you are maybe super jealous, and anxious if you spot your special someone’s liking list on Instagram. Images are there to be liked, and like doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you, remember that! Isolating yourself from that life can increase your ability to hear and understand both yours and your partners' needs and desires. After all, social media won’t help you solve the problem you two might have, but honesty and being present at the moment can bring you the outcome you want.

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