What is Fortune Telling?

Divination and fortune telling has been present in our lives for centuries in more public or private ways, depending on the historical time. Whether more or less occult, the practice has survived throughout history becoming a part of the lives of many.

Despite having been dismissed on many occasions, there are countless individuals who consider the practice of divination a relevant part of their lives as well as a useful habit that helps them make better decisions.

Modern life has made it possible to have fortune tellers at a click’s distance (or a tap on the screen! After all there are dozens of fortune telling apps!) and this has made fortune telling more accessible than ever!

What is Fortune Telling?

Fortune telling is the practice of divination with a predictive intention. Not all divination is oriented towards learning about the future. Sometimes, it can have the purpose of analyzing a situation, gaining awareness, seeing a set of circumstances from a different perspective or consider different options. However, what is known as fortune telling is purely predictive divination, aimed at taking a privileged view of what is ahead for the querent, in some cases exploring alternative routes or ways to circumvent an outcome that is inconvenient or undesirable.

Fortune telling will allow you to explore your future in different areas of your life. You can know where your relationship is going or if that person that you fancy is worth your efforts, as well as solve any doubts you may have about your partner’s fidelity. Trouble at work? You can get a heads up about any opportunities coming your way in the area of career, as well as get a better idea about how to make your finances pick up!

Types of Fortune Telling

There are many different types and systems of fortune telling, some of which require tools or a system, while others only depends on the reader’s natural skills. All of them are equally valid and useful, though they have different ways of working! Here is a list of some of the most common fortune telling methods and systems that exist.

Card based methods of Fortune Telling

There are countless methods of fortune telling that are card-based. Tarot is probably the most well-known of them, for Tarot readers have a strong presence both online and locally or face to face. However; It is far from being the only card-based method for predicting and telling fortunes.

Cartomancy is also a famous option. There are multiple variations of it; Classic Cartomancy, Russian Cartomancy, French Cartomancy, Spanish Cartomancy and more! Though they have slightly different systems depending on the procedence, the foundation is the same: Using a deck of playing cards to predict the future of the querent.

There are other systems, such as the german-born Kipper oracle or its french sibling, the Lenormand oracle. Both are very situational systems of divination that are widely used for delving into the future in the short and long term.

Then, there are are multiple oracle cards, each one with its own system, working in a more free-style fashion! This is an useful way to tell fortunes if it accompanies the natural skills of the reader.

Fortune Telling With Objects

Not all fortune telling is done with card-based methods, there are also virtually infinite ways to tell fortunes with oracles made of objects that are not necessarily cards!

Charm casting and bone casting are popular options among diviners. They consist of kits that are either purchased, passed along or accumulated during the years and used for the purpose of divination. Depending on the placement of the charms or bones when they fall on the reading surface, the interpretation will be given in one way or another.

Variants of the above-mentioned are crystal oracles, dice oracles, runes and the like.

Fortune Telling With Psychic Skills

A different modality of fortune telling is the one that is exclusively psychic. Here, the psychic reader will provide insight without additional tools. There are different psychic skills that can present themselves as unique traits or combined. This is a special skill that some people have and that, with adequate training, can become an incredibly useful way to tell fortunes.

How to Prepare yourself for fortune telling?

Preparing yourself for fortune telling is easy and shouldn’t present much of a challenge for you! Going to your consultation in a relaxed state will help everything flow and go smoothly, while at the same time, an open mind and a genuine desire to know the truth, without having a preference for an answer, makes the session useful and accurate.

Love Fortune Telling

Love and relationships are hot topics in love fortune telling! It is very natural to want to learn more about the affairs of the heart! However, it can be very difficult to accept the answers that come through.

Keep in mind that fortune tellers are here to help you, and are nothing but messengers! It can be tempting to misplace your disappointment in the result of a romantic relationship upon your reader, but it is in your best interest to be willing to listen to the answers of the questions you ask.

Palm Fortune Telling

Palmistry is a very ancient form of fortune telling that is extremely popular! It consists on reading and interpreting the lines that cross the palms of your hands, as well as their shape and lenght and that of the fingers, the mounts and the like.

Palmistry is a fantastic way to do fortune telling in general terms, and it offers insight on major life events, as well as personality traits and the like. However, it may not be in your best interest to look for answers to very concrete questions in palmistry. Other methods are more recommendable for that purpose!

Where to buy fortune telling cards online?

You can buy fortune telling cards in many different places across the internet! Amazon, The Book Depository and Etsy are some trustworthy platforms where you can purchase your cards from. Avoid shady sites such as Wish or Aliexpress, where you will only find illegal, counterfeited copies of scanned decks that don’t offer the same quality as the real deal.

Here are some examples of fortune telling cards that you can purchase online.

1) Madame Endoras Fortune Telling Cards - Christine Filipak

Madame Endoras Fortune Telling Cards

This is one of the most beautiful fortune telling decks available in the market. Heavily based on mythical creatures and concepts that have lived in our collective consciousness for centuries, Madame Endoras Fortune Telling cards is a magnificent deck.

The cards come with a booklet that goes through each one of the cards and their meanings. The explanations are so inspiring that it is not difficult to add your own insight to the information that is already presented.

Whether you’re a seasoned reader or you have just begun, these cards will have something to add to your practice!

2) Animal Portraits Playing Cards Deck - Carol Lew

Animal Portraits Playing Cards Deck

This is one of the most creative and interesting decks of playing cards that I have had the pleasure of working with! There are thousands of decks of playing cards out there, and when it comes to cartomancy, the sky is the limit!

This is a beautiful and funny deck to work with, and if you are into animals and their shamanic meanings, you will be delighted to incorporate those in your cartomancy readings! This is what in my opinion, makes the deck so interesting and versatile! The cardstock is good, really flexible, and the printing quality is high. It is one of the more affordable options in the market to get started with cartomancy in style!

3) Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

Gypsy Witch, also known as Gypsy Cards or Zigeugner Cards are a system of divination that offers a wide variety of meanings and has multiple applications. It is a good first system for a diviner that is just beginner, but seasoned fortune tellers can also benefit from it and its application as a fortune telling oracle for love, life, work, spiritual matters and more.

The deck is very popular, not particularly beautiful or pleasing to the eye, but it is definitely practical and solid to learn, offering a good experience for the reader and an easy and reliable learning tool.

FAQ Section

Is Fortune Telling real?

Of couse it is! Divination has existed since the birth of humankind and has survived through the generations as a tool to help us delve into what is to come! However, you need to adjust your expectations when it comes to fortune telling. The fact that you can have a sneak peek into the future doesn’t erase your responsibility with yourself or the fact that you have to still do the work to get there! As well, fortune telling offers a certain level of precision, but not enough to get all the thrill away or interfere with your personal and spiritual growth!

For this reason, you can’t expect fortune telling to give you the winning lottery numbers or to tell you the name, surnames and date of birth of the person that you are going to marry!

Can I trust Fortune Teller?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is: Not always, and not all of them. There are dishonest people everywhere, and the lack of regulation in the profession makes the fortune telling field particularly prone to con-men and women.

Avoid fortune tellers who claim to have a 100% accuracy, who say that they can tell you the lottery number, the name, number or password of a person and any other similar declaration.

Trust fortune tellers who are open about their skills and abilities, who have a reputable online presence and look down to earth. Even if it sounds counterintuitive, an occasional bad review is the sign of a good fortune teller! I’m not speaking about a person who has an ill reputation or dozens of complaints, but a bad review here and there is the sign that the reader is honest and not faking the satisfaction of their clients!

What is the best way to get fortune telling online?

There are many sites that advertise free fortune telling online. However, it is highly unlikely that you will get real fortune telling online for free. While you may be able to get a few minutes of a reading for free, it is unlikely that it will be enough to provide you with the answers that you are seeking!

For these reasons, if you are seeking fortune telling online for love, career or any other concern, you can download one of the apps that count on real fortune tellers, such as Fortunica, Purple Ocean, Purple Garden, Zodiac and the like to get a fortune telling reading online.

How the fortune telling works?

Different systems work in different ways, however, all of them have something in common: Fortune telling taps into the energies of the future and translates them to a language that is understandable for the reader, fortune teller, psychic or interpreter, so that they can then convey their message to their clients. My favourite comparison to illustrate how fortune telling works is to think of it as you would think of a language and of the reader as you would think of an interpreter who is able to make the connection.

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