Best Oracle Decks to Buy in 2020

With the exponential increment in the variety and availability of oracle decks throughout the years, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose a deck that suits your needs!

On the one hand, the mass production of divinatory decks has a positive impact on the normalization of the practice, while, on the other hand, it can sometimes lead to poor quality production, leaving you not knowing what decks are worth your while.

What are oracle decks?

Oracle decks are a fantastic tool for intuitive divination! As opposed to Tarot, oracle decks don’t follow a particular system other than what the artist wants to create and convey through their creation and, since there is no set of rules as to how to interpret it, it is very open to the intuitive insight of the reader.

There are many kinds of oracles, and not all of them are necessarily card-based, but it is a very popular choice and a very recommendable tool for those who are seeking to get started in the world of divination.

How to Choose the Best Oracle Deck for a beginner?

When it comes to oracles, the most important thing is that it appeals to you, that you feel connected to the deck in a way and that the imagery awakens something in you.

Since oracle decks are such an intuitive tool, it is difficult to pinpoint what are the qualities of a good deck, or what is the best oracle deck that you can get. It will very much depend on the taste of the reader.

Take time to see different options and styles of decks. Maybe even consider what is the ultimate purpose of the deck, if you have any in mind. Do you like to read on relationships? Then you may want to see a love oracle deck. Are you more on the spiritual side? An animal oracle deck could be the right choice for you!

Best Oracle Decks to Buy in 2020

1. Work Your Light - Rebecca Campbell

Work Your Light is an extremely popular oracle deck used for insight on all matters, especially spiritual growth and personal development as well as spirituality.

The deck is divided in suits, allowing the reader to thread throughout the reading and make relevant connections between the cards for greater consistency of the reading. The style is aesthetically very pleasing and calming, thus being a good tool to use additionally in meditation.

Comes in a sturdy box that will help you keep your cards in place and it is fairly affordable. A worthy addition to any collection!

2. Dark Mirror Oracle - Ricardo Minetti and Laura Sava

Dark Mirror is a somewhat dark oracle with a sinister touch, praised for its utility as a tool for shadow work and introspection. The images are absolutely captivating, and the companion booklet gives you a new perspective on the imagery depicted in each card.

This is a deck for the daring! It can be a tad bit more aggressive than your traditional love and light deck, bringing unique insight into your readings. If you are eager to delve into your shadow self, this deck will help you get the job done!

Comes in a sturdy box and is in an affordable price range! As a side note, the backs of the cards are stunning!

3. Halloween Oracle - Stacey Demarco

Halloween Oracle has been around for a few years and still remains a relevant and popular choice among diviners around the world! While at first sight, it may look like a mere novelty deck, it truly has much more to offer.

If you are into witchcraft, the deck will not disappoint you! There are many layers of meaning to each card and while it may not be your initial impression when opening the deck, it’s fantastic for readings of all sorts.

The accompanying booklet comes packed full of insight! The cards are bigger than a standard oracle deck, and cards and booklet come in a sturdy box for storage.

4. Vintage Wisdom Oracle - Victoria Moseley

The imagery in Vintage Wisdom Oracle is inspiring and evocative in itself! Each one of the cards comes highlighted with a keyword to inspire the reading and support them throughout the interpretation, and the little book that comes with them will offer additional insight to provide a cohesive reading.

This oracle deck is perfect for those who have a longing for ancient times or feel that they’ve been born way too late! Absolutely delightful and with a very feminine touch.

The deck and booklet come in a sturdy box and it’s within an average price range for the article.

5. The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards - Colette Baron-Reid

The Enchanted Map is a deck designed to connect the visible to the invisible and serve as a link to guide you to the spirit world. The 54 cards that form this deck represent a journey to the other world. The different combinations and insights provided by the cards in the context of the different areas of life that concern the reader, will unveil the keys to navigating the journey of life.

The cards and the accompanying booklet are presented in a beautiful sturdy box. Being a popular option, the deck is super affordable and useful!

6. Keepers Of Light Oracle Cards - Kyle Gray

Keepers of Light is a deck based on Ascended Masters and other divine entities as well as their teachings to the world. The oracle uses the insight left behind by these outstanding personalities and highlights its application in our daily lives.

These are oracle cards to use with an open mind and heart. The deck has a compassionate tone, and a unique way to show the readers where their strengths and weaknesses lay.

Comes in a sturdy, magnetic box with a companion book full of insights and spreads, so that you can start benefiting from its insight straight away!

7. Isis Oracle - Alana Fairchild

This oracle goes back to the sacred secrets of Egypt, bringing the energy of the goddess Isis to help the diviner connect with their spiritual side. This is a deep and versatile oracle deck that permits a wide range of questions. Perfect for self-development, as well as a great oracle for love matters (let’s not forget the passionate love between Isis and Osiris) it makes a great addition to any diviner’s personal collection.

The cards have a large format, larger than average oracle cards, and the companion book offers guidance on the goddess, the oracle and how to use it, making it a very complete kit at a very reasonable price.

8. The Goddess Oracle - Amy Sophia Marashinsky

The Goddess Oracle is, in my opinion, one of the most complete oracle decks that you can have in your arsenal. Featuring goddesses of a plethora of religions and cultures, it doesn’t only help you deal with your day to day questions or offer guidance, but also helps you develop your spirituality and connect with the sacred energies.

It comes with a companion book, yes, an entire book, that will walk you through the story and folklore of each goddess, translating it into the card’s divinatory meaning and offering an additional exercise to integrate the lesson behind each card in your life.

9. The Medicine Cards - Jamie Sams and David Carson

The Medicine Cards is a shamanic deck that has been around for decades! It is a true classic of divination! It is entirely an animal oracle deck that goes back to the essence of each animal, its shamanic meaning and its energy, helping the reader not only divine but also integrate that energy into their physical life to transform and transmute.

The cards are more similar to the traditional shape of Tarot cards than the classic oracle format. It comes with a companion book that will give you much more information, not only on the deck but on shamanic work. A great tool, without a doubt!

10. Blessed Be - Lucy Cavendish

Blessed Be is an oracle deck with Wiccan undertones that is a favorite amongst the practitioners of the said religion. The illustrations, full of incredible beauty and insightful meaning will, without a shadow of a doubt, tap into the diviner’s subconscious and awaken their psychic sense.

The deck has a compassionate and understanding essence, yet it is firm enough to offer substantial insight and to be a reliable working deck.

As it is usual in the current times, the deck comes in a sturdy box with a companion booklet to enhance your readings.


As I always say, the perfect oracle deck will differ from diviner to diviner. Some are looking for oracle decks for beginners and others want to add a new tool to their collection.

In my opinion, the top oracle decks on the list are The Goddess Oracle for its versatility, its beauty, and how much it has to offer beyond mere guidance - the book is simply amazing! - and The Medicine Cards because a classic never fails!

FAQ Section

What is an oracle deck?

An oracle deck is a collection of images that are meant to awaken the reader’s inner perception and psychic sense, so that they can connect on a spiritual level to gather answers and guidance to go through their everyday life and resolve difficult situations that they may go through.

What is the difference between oracle and tarot decks?

Comparing Tarot vs Oracle decks is actually very easy. A Tarot deck follows a system and has a very clear distribution and composition: 78 cards divided in four suits of 14 cards each and 22 Major Arcana.

Oracles, on the other hand, don’t have a set structure and do not abide by a system or rules. They are meant to be read intuitively, as opposed to the Tarot that requires a base of knowledge and study.

Which kinds of oracle decks there are?

As it happens with Tarot decks, there are oracle decks for every taste! You can find sets of cards that are specifically designed as love oracle decks, animal oracle decks, or spiritual oracle decks. However; Most decks can be used for any purpose if you have a bit of experience.

What is the best oracle deck for a beginner?

There is no set answer for that question. Above there are some of the top oracle decks for beginners and advanced readers. The truth is that, since using an oracle deck is very, very intuitive, there is no reason to determine that one oracle deck is better than any other for a beginner, since they all require just to be in touch with your intuition.

What is the average price for a good oracle deck?

Mass printed oracle decks, like the ones you can find on Amazon go around $20 the piece, while indie editions of more specific decks that are created in limited amounts can go all the way up to $100, even more, if it is a collector’s piece that is currently out of print!

Beware of buying counterfeited decks on sites like Wish or Aliexpress. Those are illegal, pirated copies of poor quality.

Why do people use Oracle cards?

Oracle cards are mainly used for guidance or to receive spiritual messages. Its interpretation is very open, more than a Tarot reading would be, and it serves to open the receiver of the reading up to the message and inspire them.

How to start using an oracle deck?

Using an oracle deck is very, very simple! First, take a few deep breaths, shuffle your cards, and focus on your question. Extract one, two, or three cards and reveal them. What do you feel? What are the images telling you? Take note of your impressions and your interpretations. Congratulations! You’re reading oracle cards!

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